Medication Safety Self-Assessment for Practicing Paramedics Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are related to the process for completing the MSSA. FAQs related to content are provided for selected assessment statements, where applicable.

How long will it take me to complete the assessment?
Most of the paramedics who tested this assessment were able to complete it in an hour or less.
What if an assessment statement doesn't apply to the services offered by my paramedic organization?
Choose the option “Not Implemented” for assessment statements that do not apply or are currently not in place in your practice setting, based on the criteria provided.
What if I work for more than one paramedic organization?
Choose the response that reflects the practices followed in the organization that has asked you to complete this assessment.
May I make copies of the self-assessment document?
You may make copies of the self-assessment for your own use. You may not modify or alter the content.
May I share my assessment results?
The assessment is intended for use as part of a paramedic’s professional development and in ongoing quality improvement activities for paramedic organizations. Other uses, such as in education presentations external to an individual paramedic organization or corporate group require written permission from ISMP Canada. Contact ISMP Canada for more information.